Great communication and understanding people!

Funny story.. at least to me. My mother who is older got an on demand hot water heater installed when her old tank model broke after 30 years. She lives alone and is older. After completion of the job she told me she had her hot water tank taken out and a new one installed. She didn’t explain it was an on demand system they installed. When I heard the price I was furious and called the company demanding answers. They were polite and even though I wasn’t happy explained exactly what they installed which was actually a bargain compared to other places. Once I understood that she got something different than she explained to me I called the sales guy Kevin to apologize and he was wonderful! Really polite and understanding. This goes a long way. I own a business and have upset customers but have realized that when you deal with them like Kevin did it usually ends very well. Very happy with everything and will use in the future!