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Trust Mohawk Heating Company, Inc. to install your new Spirit or Lennox oil furnace! We offer a complete line of high efficiency oil furnaces from Lennox, the leader in home heating and cooling as well as offering oil furnaces from Spirit. To learn more detailed information on the models we offer, select from the links below – or call today to learn more about our energy-efficient solutions to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Lennox Oil Furnaces

Lennox Oil Furnace Model SLO185

The variable-speed blower motor in the SLO185V lets it adjust the speed of its airflow, so it can disperse even heat throughout your home. Better airflow control also means a better balance of temperature and humidity. The SLO185V offers an efficiency of up to 87% AFUE, meaning it delivers energy-efficient comfort you can feel good about, even through the coldest winter.

Lennox Oil Furnace Model ELO183

We also offer Lennox oil furnace model ELO183. This clean, quiet and comfortable home heating option has an efficiency rating of 83 and is built to offer quiet, clean comfort to your home. The streamlined design of this model makes it easy to fit almost anywhere and leaves you more space for living.

Spirit Oil Furnaces

Mohawk also offers oil furnaces designed by Spirit.

VHF Series – Low-Profile Highboy Oil Furnace

The Spirit VHF series of oil furnaces are low-profile highboy upflow furnaces with the blower located beneath the heat exchanger. These are designed to fit nicely in a basement with a low ceiling.

VH8 Series – Highboy Oil Furnace

The VH8 series of oil furnaces from Spirit are designed for larger installations with outputs ranging from 101,000 to 132,000 BTUH.

VL8 Series – High Capacity Lowboy Oil Furnace

The Spirit VL8 Series of oil furnaces are high capacity lowboy oil furnaces designed for larger installations. The lowboy is a shorter height furnace with the blower located in the back of the heat exchanger, making it suitable for low ceiling height basements.

VL Series – Lowboy Furnace

The Spirit VL series of lowboy furances are designed with the blower behind the heat exchanger. The VLF and VLR furnaces are ideal for front and rear flue applications, repsectively.

VC Series – Horizontal / Counterflow Oil Furnace

The Spirit VC series oil furnaces are compact design furances designed for multi-position installations.