Albany Furnace Repair

Mohawk Heating’s expert technicians provide professional furnace repair in Albany, NY. New York’s Capital Region can get some cold winter weather. After a fun day ice skating at the Empire State Plaza or checking out the Capital Holiday Lights in the Park at night you want to come home to a warm home.  Mohawk Heating has been keeping Albany residents warm with regular scheduled furnace maintenance and emergency repair for decades.  If you’re looking for professional, reliable home heating service, give us a call.

Albany Winters

According to the National Weather Service the average temperature in the winter in Albany, NY is about 25°F with highs averaging about 33°F and lows about 17°F. The Albany area also averages about 43″ of snow in the winter months. With about 3550 heating degree days each winter you need a home heating system that’s working and keeping your family warm.

Note: Heating degree days are defined as the difference between the day’s average temperature and 65°F. Heating degree days can be used to calculate your energy efficiency. For example, if we had 3500 heating degree days last winter, 4000 heating degree days this winter, and keep our thermostat set to the same temperature both years, we would expect that our furnace would burn more oil or gas fuel this year than last.

Interested in more data on our weather here in the Capital Region? Check out the National Weather Service’s website.

So, if you’re heading out to a show at The Egg or Palace, to ice skate at the Empire State Plaza, or visit the New York State Capitol, make sure your home with be nice and warm when you return home. If your heater’s not working or you need your furnace repaired, give Mohawk a call. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service or regularly scheduled home heater maintenance.

Mohawk Heating – Furnace Repair Service Near Me in Albany, NY

Albany NY Winter Skate - Furnace Repair in Albany

Mohawk Heating’s specialized repair techs can get your furnace running again. We also offer scheduled furnace maintenance plans. If you need, we carry a full line of gas or oil furnaces from Lennox.   We are proud to serve the Albany community. Give us a call today.