AC Service Recommendations

How Often Do you Need AC Service?

Mohawk Heating offers professional ac service in New York's Capital Region

During the hottest summer weather, an air conditioning unit is your best option to keep your home cool and comfortable. Most people using them don’t service them regularly though, which leads to inefficient energy usage, and could be damaging your air conditioner. Regular ac service and maintenance is the key to saving energy and optimizing its efficiency.

Central air conditioning is the best option to cool your home evenly and efficiently – but constant running during the hot summer months can build up dust and dirt in key areas. As your HVAC system runs, dust and dirt buildup in the air filters can reduce the flow of the cooled air. As your condensing coils accumulate build-up, they run less efficiently and don’t cool the unit as well as they should.

Is your a/c unit broken? We also offer air conditioning repair services.

If your unit is not running efficiently, it will need to work harder and longer to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Having buildup on the coils and dirty, clogged filters cost more money to run the unit, and can damage the unit by overworking it. Left unchecked, your air conditioning unit can lose 5 percent or more per year of its efficiency – over several years that can add up to a LOT of wasted energy!

Our professional service technician will check all of the major components of your unit to ensure it will run at optimum efficiency.

Clean the A/C Condenser Fan and Oil the Motor

Oil buildup attracts dust and dirt, so it’s important to clean out the grime and dirt and apply new lubricating oil to the fan so that its movement isn’t prohibited. We perform a full service check and test the fan motor and blade movement during ac service.

Clean the Condenser Coil and Fins

Our technicians will remove the coil guard and fully clean away dirt and buildup on the condenser coils and fins. We also check and straighten any bent or damaged fins to allow the proper air flow to the coils.

Check the Refrigerant

Refrigerant gasses are harmful to the atmosphere, so it’s important to have one of our experienced professionals check and repair any leaks, and refill as needed to keep your unit running safe and efficiently.

Service and Clean the Air Conditioner Filter

A clogged filter reduces your unit’s ability to push the cooled air throughout your HVAC system. A buildup of dust and dirt in your duct s not only prohibits the cooled air flow – but also reduces the efficiency of your heating system. It’s important to clean or replace old, dirty filters at least once a year.

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We recommend servicing your air conditioning unit at least once a year – and before the season begins in the springtime is the best time to act. Schedule an appointment today with our experienced professionals – and we’ll keep you and your family cool and comfortable all summer long!