Air Conditioning Replacement vs. Repair

Replacing vs. Repairing Air Conditioning

Is your old air conditioning unit working inefficiently, or worse – not working at all now that summer is in full swing? If you’re wondering whether it’s better in the long run to entirely replace your old unit vs. repairing it, the trained professionals at Mohawk Heat can help.

There are many factors to consider – but for most folks, it comes down to cost. Even more importantly, it comes down to the VALUE of those costs. For instance, if you repair the unit, how long will it last before something else fails?

Below are some of the considerations:

Age of the A/C Unit

Beyond the purchase date, another consideration is the number of parts that have been replaced over the life of the unit. If it’s had a fairly recent overhaul of many of its main parts, it may be justified to opt for repairing/replacing any parts of the unit that have failed.

How often is the A/C Unit in use?

The general climate here in the Northeast is moderate throughout most of the spring and autumn months. This means that on average, the peak times your air conditioning unit is used, is generally limited to the summer season. The past few years has seen hotter days overlapping into late spring and early fall as well. On average here in Upstate New York, the average A/C unit will last several years with proper maintenance.

Has the A/C unit been regularly serviced for general maintenance?

In addition to keeping the unit running efficiently, regular maintenance will also help to extend the overall life of the unit. If your air conditioning unit hasn’t received basic maintenance to clean the filters, coils, condenser fan, etc. and oiled the motor and other moving parts, it’s likely your unit has been working harder than it needed to. This also will also be a contributing factor to the worn or broken parts, and there could be more part failures major repair if it hasn’t been serviced regularly.

Cost of Repairs vs. new Air Conditioning Unit

Most of the minor parts are relatively inexpensive to replace in terms of cost of parts, and the labor. However, if there is a refrigerant leak or the compressor needs to be replaced (for instance), it can be very costly to replace. Also if there is a refrigerant leak and your unit is old, it’s very likely using an outdated refrigerant coolant (which would justify the upgrade).

Consult a Professional

Before you make any decisions, it’s always best to get a professional opinion for a cost-comparison to determine if a unit will be a better investment than replacing expensive parts. If the costs are comparable, repairing the old unit will still likely run at a lower efficiency. The lower efficiency will eventually cost more to keep running over the long-term.

Learn more about our air conditioning repair services

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If your unit is old, or requires major repairs, ask for an evaluation and cost analysis if a new, energy-efficient model will be your best option – we’re happy to help!