How to Prevent Mold In Ductwork

If you’ve noticed an increase in your allergies, or an increase in symptoms of illness such as nausea, skin disorders, headaches or fatigue, they could be caused by a variety of factors. One of those factors could be your heating ductwork!

It can generally be attributed to air pollutants, but allergens can be caused by a wide range of environmental and man-made factors. Any buildup of molds in the house, particularly in the duct system, is an all-to-common cause of illnesses and allergic reactions.

Professional ductwork cleaning is one way to cut down on the contaminants in the house. Here are some other methods for keeping your ductwork clean.

Mold Problems Caused by Air Conditioners

During the summer months, high humidity in a cooled environment often results in increase moisture in the air and ductwork. This added moisture is the perfect breeding ground for a variety of mold and mildew to grow and spread. The spores created by the molds a small and light enough to float in the air, which makes them extremely easy to spread – especially throughout the forced air in a duct system.

Adding a dehumidifier to a home will help to reduce the spread of visible mold and mildew. If any mold spores begin to grow in the duct system, it’s best to hire a professional service to clean and disinfect the system.

Eliminating or Inhibiting Air Duct Mold Growth

The air conditioning filters are the best defense in blocking moisture – and ultimately mold spores from spreading through the ducts. Newer filters can now remove smaller particles and do a much better job of reducing moisture. It’s important to have the filters cleaned or replaced regularly to help keep your homes air quality at its best.

Any air leaks at the joints or throughout the ductwork allows dust and spores to enter the duct system and to spread the spores. Therefore, it’s also important to have a professional check and repair all of the ductwork throughout a home to make sure it’s a closed and sealed system.

Cleaning Air Ductwork

Air ducts are a closed and complex system, so it’s often difficult to maneuver standard equipment through them to clean dirt, debris and molds. Because of the complexity, it’s better to hire a expert with industrial-strength tools and equipment to properly clean, inspect and repair your duct work regularly.

The professionals at Mohawk Heat will help to keep your air conditioning ducts clean and mold-free. You’ll breathe easy knowing your home’s air quality is the best it can be – call today to set up an appointment!