Healthy Climate Solutions

Mohawk Heating is proud to be a Lennox dealer. Not only does Lennox made quality heating and air conditioning units, they make air purification systems to clean the air in your home.

Lennox’s Healthy Climate Solutions

Mohawk Heating is a Certified Dealer of Lennox Boilers and FurnacesCarbon Clean 16 Filters

Lennox’s line of carbon filters help remove pollen, dust and pet dander from the air in your home.

Whole Home Dehumidifier

Excess moisture can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The Lennox Humiditrol whole home dehumidifier can help remove excess moisture in your home.

Germicidal Lights

Healthy Climate Germicidal Lights kill bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air.


Recovery ventilators help you heat and cool your home with fresher air.

Air Purification System

PureAir air purification systems helps combat odors in your home while also attacking mold, pollen and bacteria.

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Check out this video to learn more about these Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions.