Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is very quickly becoming the most popular option for cooling a home during the hot summer months. There are several advantages to installing an efficient, consistent cooling system that will keep every room cool and comfortable.

Central Air Conditioner vs. Window Mounted Air Conditioner

central air conditioning

One advantage of central air conditioner is that they can be programmed to turn off and on automatically – so you’re not wasting extra energy when it’s not needed. If you are currently running two or more window mounted air conditioners, it’s very easy to forget to turn them off when you leave your home – and you’ll be needlessly wasting energy while you’re out. A programmable thermostat on a central air conditioner allows you to reduce the run-time while you’re out, and then automatically begin cooling your home before you arrive.

Central air conditioning also provides even, consistent cooling throughout your entire home. This is accomplished by utilizing your existing duct system to distribute the cooled air throughout every room.

Generally speaking, a window-mounted air conditioner only cools the room it’s in, creating inconsistent room temperatures, and higher humidity throughout your home. Higher humidity also is more difficult to cool, ultimately using more energy to lower the temperature in your home.

Choosing the Best Way to Cool Your Home

One mistake many folks make in choosing a window-mounted air conditioner is that they try to cool more than one room with a single unit. Using this method generally results in purchasing a unit that burns more energy wattage, and results in one very cold room, and one moderately cooled room next door.

Choosing the most efficient air conditioning system for your home requires a full analysis of many factors. The square footage, the “flow” of the space, if there is an existing duct system in place (and the condition of it), are all factors that will determine the best fit for your home.

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